Rosemary Milner is an English surface pattern designer and embroiderer,
based in London. 

Above all, Rosemary has a great consideration of craft and traditional methods 
of printing and production, from hand-etching to lino illustration to silk-screen print. 

Designing for textile furnishings and interior papers, Rosemary's current collections 
are inspired by historical narratives and natural imagery. The North Yorkshire moors
and surrounding area reflects in Rosemary's work through the imagery of birds, hares,
foxes and wildflowers and creates a traditional, rural and bespoke quality. 

Rosemary has worked alongside and produced commissions for prominent local 
and international retailers and designers, which have recently included Anthropologie 
and Borderline Fabrics. Rosemary's embroidery work has also featured in numerous 
exhibitions and retailed worldwide. 

When Rosemary is not busy in her South London Studio, she enjoys trips back to her native
North Yorkshire countryside to soak up the woodlands, beaches & moors that help fuel
her ongoing obsession with pattern design and illustration.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any enquiries or commissions!